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RegenTriPollar skin-tightening and anti-cellulite treatment

I was recently invited to try a new anti-ageing treatment using a new machine from Israel where scientists are world-leaders in aesthetic devices - they make many of the electronic machines that you see in clinics today.

One of the newest skin tighteining and anti-cellulite machines uses Regen TriPollar radio waves and I tried it out recently at the Pasha Clinic in London's West End in Maddox Street.

This is a really great treatment for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their face, reduce tummy fat, sagging thighs and even tighten underarms. It doesn't hurt and you see results straight away.

The machine uses a unique combination of radio waves to zap sagging collagen beneath the skin. Basically the radio waves heat up the collagen, in effect damaging it. New, young and rejuvenated collagen grows back over the next few days.

I decided to give it a go on my underarms. The waves are directed onto the skin with a metal device - it doesn't hurt and you only feel a mild heating sensation and it takes only 15 minutes to do each underarm. I could see the tightening after the first treatment but the effect continues usually goes in minutes. About six-eight weekly treatments are needed to achieve desired results.

I was very pleased with my result and would highly recommend this non-invasive method of toning up one of the most notoriously difficult bits to do anything about. I was also able to see the results on another client who had the treatment on her face. Even though she was only in her late 20s there was a definite lift around her jawline.

What is unique about Regen Tripollar is the combination of two radio waves - mono-polar and bi-polar which means that the treatment is able to penetrate both the deep and shallow tissue at the same time as protecting the surface of the skin from any possible burning.

The clinic also told me that this is an ideal complementary treatment for anyone considering Liposuction, which is an invasive cosmetic surgical procedure carried out in a hospital. The Regen tightens and conditions the skin so that you get a smoother overall effect.


Another revolutionary non-surgical fatbuster is SmartLipo which first came onto the market about two years ago and was the first real alternative to Liposuction. This uses laser energy to zap fat cells and sculpt the body. The fat is removed by a canula and also by the body itself. SmartLipo also tightens the skin. It should always be carried out by a qualified medical doctor, cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist because although it is a minimally invasive treatment you may need local anaesthetic.

Before and After SmartLipo treatment

I have not tried this treatment but I was invited to the launch of a new advancement in this procedure - SmartLipo MPX - which will be available in the UK in the next few months. Again this improvement is gained through combining two different laser wavelengths so that there is less bleeding, bruising and swelling that with traditional liposuction. SmartLipo is made by the US company Cynosure and has received the approval of the US's Food & Drug Administration(FDA) which is extremely rigorous.

If you can't wait, the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic at 98 Harley Street, London, W1, is offering 20% discount on SmartLipo together with Micro Suction. This is carried out with a local anaesthetic and the fat micro suction gives improved results in combination with the SmartLipo.

At the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, this procedure is carried out by one of the UK's leading experts in facial and body aesthetics, Dr Aamer Khan, who is pictured left.

Dr Khan's practice likes to stay ahead of the competition by utilising the newest technology to deliver the safest results with the best possible outcome for patients. So he gets our recommendation.

Lumenis Active FX

Another new launch this year is a non-invasive treatment for winkles - the Lumenis Active FX. This uses a laser to "pixelate" the skin. Again working on the proven fact that damaging collagen makes it rejuvenate.

There are some really great before and after pictures which demonstrate how well this works on sagging jowels, eye wrinkles and bags and even acne. Click here to see the Lumenis Before and After pictures

The cost of all these treatments? Since every treatment is bespoke we are not able to quote specific costs and you are advised to ask the practitioner.

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