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As its Sunday I thought I would discuss something very girlie - how to get luxuriant lashes. Like everything else our eyelashes shrink, fallout or just become sparse as we age. But I am pleased to say that help is at hand because those anti-ageing experts have now got to grips with this problem and there are now some seriously good products and treatments that can turn back the clock.

Big lashes are the new must have – there are eyelash rejuvenators, fake lashes that look natural, eyelash extensions and its even possible to get eyelash transplants. And these products aren't just for the babes.

Even Botox manufacturer Allergan is in on the act with plans to launch a cosmetic lash drug next year that it says will make eyelashes grow darker, thicker and longer. Well if it does the same for lashes as Botox has done for wrinkles then I will be a fan.

Here we look at the best products already on the market:


This is a revolutionary new cosmetic eyelash conditioner developed by American ophthalmologist, Michael Brinkenhoff MD for his wife Gayle which she lost most of her lashes following treatment for breast cancer.

The results are impressive – you get longer, thicker, fuller, and darker looking lashes after applying the lotion like an eyeliner . Each tube lasts three to five months and a portion of the proceeds support non-profit breast cancer research. The pictures above are a before and after - the after is 60 days after the the first application.

Celebrity fans include Marcia Cross, Anne Hesche, Felicity Huffman, Debra Messing, Lorraine Bracco, Hayden Panettiere, Dayna Devon and many more.

This product is easy to apply and does not seem to cause an allergic reaction. I didn't take a before and after pic but I am convinced that my eyelashes are growing with a vengence.

Buy at high-end spas and specialty retailers throughout the US and also in the UK at selected salons and in London at Wigmore Medical Aesthetics, Harley Street clinics and Groom. Costs : $182, €121, £95


Mascara has come a long way since the first creams and cakes! The secret of this new product is in the design of the brush and the cream formulation. Givenchy has created a brand new way to apply mascara with a spherical brush that can be manoeuvred to any position, reaching even the tiniest lash to give spectacular results. There is optimal separation of lashes and no clumping. The formula is based on water and a cutting edge polymer. When the mascara is applied, the water evaporates, allowing the polymer to form longer and thicker lashes. It also contains D-Pathenol, which feeds the lashes from the inside.

I tried this product at the recent launch and it was absolutely amazing. I had long silky lashes in an instant. As far as I know its not yet on the market and Givenchy is keeping it seriously under wraps from rivals because of the unique brush.
This products comes in two colours black and brown and costs $35, €26, £17.50


These are the greatest and most exotic falsies I have ever seen (pictured at the top of the page and below). You can give your eyes the most exotique look with faux Patridge and Peacock feathers or whatever takes your fancy. They can be applied in just 30 minutes and are bespoke designs creating any look from natural lash extensions to fashion focused special occasion lashes.Eye Tec Swift 2 Go lashes are priced from £45, $90 or 60 Euro at Urban Retreat. Visit


DHC is Japan’s No 1 cosmetic company and it has won awards for this product. It combines nurturing ingredients with cutting-edge science including an extract of the plant Swertia Japonica to strengthen and stimulate new lash growth. It is also packed with other beneficial ingredients including Aloe Vera and Vitamin A and C to moisturize and encourage celluar regeneration and antioxidant protection.

This conditioning cream tonic is applied via a mascara style applicator. DHC Eye Lash Tonic can also be used alone as a daily grooming bedtime treatment for your lashes and brows to help stimulate growth whilst you sleep. As an added bonus it also helps smoother application of your mascara helping it last longer. After two weeks broken lashes you will see a result with stronger and longer lashes.

I have been using this in conjuction with Revitalash!

Costs: $12, €8.85, £7. Buy online at

Tomorrow I will reveal all on some of the latest over-the-counter fatbusters....

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