Monday, 21 July 2008


I learned last week, during my visit to hormone and anti-ageing expert Prof. Farid, that I have got high blood pressure. I was shocked! I know that this is a condition that affects millions of people and its a warning sign that the body is malfunctioning.

I put my symptoms down to my neglect of my usual exercise regime - biking everywhere when possible and jogging - and a lot of stress.

I also need to drop some kilos so today I got back on my bike. I also thought I would give myself some help with the latest natural plant supplements and diet meal replacements. These two are both new onto the market:


This is a new breaththrough in weightloss thanks to the discovery of a natural plant caroteinoid - fucoxanthin(few-co-zan-thin) which has been found in brown seaweed. Like all of these supplements this is not a miracle product but used in combination with a healthy and sensible diet can help speed-up weightloss.

Fucoxanthin works by helping the white fat cells burn stored fat by thermogenesis - this happens with exercise and also by the cells themselves generating energy. Fucoxanthin helps the body boost its resting energy expenditure. The addition of pomegranate seed oil, which contains punicic acid, to stunt fat cell growth, makes the formula even more potent.

This product has been tested. In a clinical trial 110 overweight, non-diabetic women were given either a placebo or the new pill in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Those taking the pill lost an average of 14.5 pounds of weight in 16 weeks compared to the placebo group who lost only 3 pounds in the same period.

One capsule is taken three times a day before food. It is a non-stimulant and can be taken later in the day. Costs £19.95 for a 90 capsule pot. Buy online at The Vitality Shop UK. SHAPE UP ULTIMATE FROM ARKOPHARMA

Getting into the mood for a diet or healthy eating regime is not always easy - as most of us struggling with weight and metabolic issues can testify to. It's always inspiring though to see quick results at first without the use of drugs.

So news comes to me of a new product from the French company Arkopharma - they already have a great detox made of herbs, that tastes like tea called Detox. Now they have launched Shape Up Ultimate which has 10 plants in four distinct phases that work together to help give you keep on track. The multi-layered tablet is absorbed at the optimum rate to help your diet goals.

By the way Arkopharma has got some great products for menopausal and post-menopausal women including phytonutrients that stop hot flushes and face and body creams.

The great thing their new diet pill is that it is a natural, herbal product, which contains distinct plant groups which work independently to help burn fat, reduce water retention and detox the body. In a clinical trial, over eighty four per cent of women said that they had noticed their silhouette had become noticeably slimmer after just 28 days. All you need to do is take two tablets a day for 15 days and the herbs will kickstart the internal cleanse so that your body will be in the best shape to burn fat and see quick results so that you will be inspired to carry on with your good eating habits.

So what are these herbs?

* Fat burning plants; fennel is believed to remove fat from the
intestinal tract, whilst celery helps to ignite the endocrine system, with these hormones helping to break up accumulated fat
* Appetite-reducing plants; mucilage herbs, such as kola, have a
thick, slippery consistency that draw water and swell in the stomach, giving the feeling of being full, so helping to suppress the appetite
* Detoxifying plants; artichoke and dandelion help kick-start the
weight loss process and are frequently recommended to help with liver toxicity and gallbladder complaints
* Thermogenic herbs (natural stimulants); green tea speed up body
functions and the process for burning calories
* Natural diuretic plants; kola helps create water weight loss and
eliminate the broken-down waste and toxins pulled out from the body

In more detail these are:

-4 Plants to combat excess fat: Mate, Kola, Green tea, Green coffee
3 plants to combat excess sugar: Bean pod, Cinnamon, Fenugreek
2 plants to combat water retention: Dandelion, Grape extract
1 plant to combat the toxins that congest the liver: Artichoke Ultimate is available from independent health food stores and pharmacies, at selected Nutricentre stores and £12.50).

I will be trying both these new supplements out and will let you have my feedback in a couple of weeks.

Sometimes its difficult to keep to the right calorie allowance and diet meal replacements can be the answer - far better to drink something with all the required nutrients than snack on crisps etc.

NOT ALL DIET SHAKES ARE THE SAME! - read about the latest and best in our Tried & Tested

Tomorrow we look at a new hand-held laser than can rejuvenate both face and body and tell you about a new anti-ageing device on sale exclusively in Harrods.

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