Thursday, 24 July 2008


I have become a great fan of mineral make-up, which began when I was sent a sample of a wonderful Jane Iredale product called Liquid Minerals Foundation. The actual product looks magical - tiny little beads suspended in a concoction of anti-ageing ingredients.This foundation really is amazing. Mineral makeup is also great value for money and a foundation can last for a year.

Why is mineral make-up anti-ageing?

They are mostly powders, made from natural rock sources, which sit on the skin and do not block the pores. So they don't fall into all those lines and wrinkles like your average foundation. They glide on with a brush and give great coverage. You can put on as many layers as you need to, particularly in areas that need extra coverage such as scars. As well as having broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection usually up to SPF 20, they are also virtually non allergenic. Many cosmetic surgeons recommend using mineral makeup after some peels and lasers because it protects the skin.

The minerals, which have special light reflective qualities also come in some amazing colours, which can also be converted to nail varnish and lip glosses by adding to clear varnish and gloss. The look is minimal but fresh and young.

The most wonderful, as far as I am concerned is what they do for ageing eyelids - the seem to get rid of the crepey look that you get with many shadows.


Today I experienced a Smokey Eyes makeover from INIKA's resident makeup artist Hana Sutherland.

Hana really knows her stuff: older women should not, for example, try using dark shading if they have lost the hollow on the eyelid as a result of the fragile skin stretching - it will only make it look worse and make your eyes look smaller. Her tip is to use light, bright colours like Peach Fetish (love the name!).

The good news is that you are never too old for the smokey, sensual look that is big now and going to be even bigger this autumn. Older ladies just need to be more subtle with the application.

Here Hana explains how to get that look: “Smokey eyes are a great look, but by adding a hint of colour we can make the eyes even more dramatic and drop dead gorgeous!”

Hana suggests two different ways to do this, depending on your skin tone.

Darker Skin Tones
• Inika Black Eye Liner £11.00
• Inika Vegan Shadow Brush £9.00
• Inika Thunder Eye Shadow £10.50
• Inika Purple Haze Eye Shadow £10.50
• Inika Gold Dust Eye Shadow £10.50
• Inika Lash Me Purple Mascara £14.00

“Start by smoothing black eye liner all over the eye lid, avoiding the brow area, blending it out to the corner of the eye.

“Then, take a tiny bit of Thunder on your brush and gently press down, to create that fabulously dark finish and blend out again. Using Purple Haze, blend from the middle of the eye out to create the illusion of black moving into purple and ‘spot’ the centre of the lid with gold to make the eye ‘pop’. Perfect smokey eyes with this season’s ‘must have’ purple! Finish with Inika’s special edition Lash Me Purple mascara.”

Fair Skin Tones
• Inika Sage Eye Liner £11.00
• Inika Chocolate Eye Liner £11.00
• Inika Vegan Shadow Brush £9.00
• Inika Golddust Eye Shadow £10.50
• Inika Forest Gold Eye Shadow £10.50
• Inika Aubergine Eye Shadow £10.50

“Softly smooth Inika Sage Eye Liner over the eyelid before frosting Inika Golddust over the top, including the brow area. Line the upper and lower lid with Inika Chocolate Eye Liner and gently smudge to create a softer look.

“Press Inika Forest Gold Eye Shadow right across the lid, blending out to the corner of the eye, and then finish with a layer of Aubergine to add depth to the colour.”
“Adding colour to the smokey eye look brings out the colour of the eyes and adds a new dimension that just brings eye make up bang up to date for evenings,” said Hana.

Inika Mineral Cosmetics are available at or call 0845 045 0664 for your nearest stockist.

Watch out for our Podcast interview with Hana in which she will reveal all the latest tips to take off years with the right makeup.

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