Friday, 15 August 2008


Women start to worry about losing their looks at the age of 28, according to a survey by Olay Regenerist which polled the views of 4,000 women. So is this true, or does 28 sound too young?

Well I confess I began worrying about ageing even earlier than that. I was only 23 when I made my first visit to a health farm - determined to stem the ageing tide that might happen to my body.

That was followed not long after by a visit to Tyringham Naturapathic Clinic, near Olney in Buckinghamshire, where I was prepared to undergo colonic irrigation to turn back the clock. And that was a quarter of a century before Princess Diana tried it out at the Hale Clinic in London.

Always a women ahead of my time - my paranoia about ageing and getting wrinkles peaked at the age of 28. I recall that was when most of my friends were getting married and maybe that was the start of it - if I had wrinkles I would definitely not get a husband. I thought I already had one foot in the grave!

It was also the start of my interest in the more expensive anti-ageing wrinkle creams - I became a devotee of Clarins - I had the saggy bust cream, the craggy neck cream, the anti-cellulite cream etc etc. Sometimes I couldn't find enough bits of my face and body to put everything on. I would always carry Clarins Eye cream in my handbag and rub it into my non-existent crows feet several times a day just in case.

I recall going to department stores on wrinkle cream forays, determined to get the latest and best in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Over the years I have spend a small fortune on anti-ageing wrinkle creams.

And to cap it all I always wondered why those ladies selling the stuff looked like extras from the Night of the Living Dead with bright red hair, yellow teeth....and wrinkles.... And they frequently say - "don't use it round your eyes". Oh dear I have just spend £50 on a wrinkle cream for the only place I have wrinkles - around my eyes and I can't use it!

On one occasion I bought a wrinkle cream by Chanel that was aimed at the 50+ woman. I thought, well that must be good. I paid for it later that night when the sensitive skin around my age 35 eyes balloned up in an allergic reaction.

It does make you wonder about human psychology when we are prepared to spend thousands on anti-ageing creams when there is scanty evidence that they work. Hope springs eternal and its hope in a jar that we just keep buying.

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