Saturday, 9 August 2008


Carboxy Therapy

I am fascinated by Carboxy Therapy. It was launched several months ago as a skin rejuvenation treatment. It uses carbon dioxide which is injected under the skin with a tiny needle.

This causes oxygen to rush to the area improving the metabolism in the tissues. This results in a tightening of the collagen.

I have seen flabby upper arms completely transformed after a course of these treatments. It also works wonders with stretch marks - they do not completely disappear but they are very much improved.

The beauty of this treatment is that it is non-toxic - carbon dioxide is found naturally in the body - and it really does work.

Try it out at in London's Nottinghill. The expert there is Dr Daniel Sister who has a book of photographic case studies to show.


I have been asked to trial a new electronic device for the face by Ultratone called the Facial Plus.

Ultratone's research and development director Kirstin Schaefer tells me that it works through electrical stimulation.

This handheld device for home use is about the size of a TV remote control. It has fourprogrammes: Microcurrent - for deep penetration of moisturising creams, skin rejuvenation and fine line reduction ;Non-surgical facelift and tone - for exercising and lifting superficial medium and deep muscles; Lymphatic drainage & toxin release - for the reduction of puffiness and toxin elimination, to achieve a fresher and clear complexion and Anti-Ageing and maintenance - to enhance the results and ensure your face stays toned and looking good.

Each programme operates on a different frequency and within each programme there is a cocktail of currents that penetrate different depths and muscles via two metal contacts.

As with all the Ultratone devices, they also have uses in medical treatment. In the case of the Facial Plus it is used to treat Bell's Palsy.

Kirstin tells me that the microcurrent penetrates and rejuvenates the superficial layer of the skin, stimulating the fibroblasts that produce youth-promoting elastin and collagen.

The best results are obtained by using the unit little and often - say five minutes on each side of the face daily.

The anti-ageing programme gives the muscles of the face a thorough workout, moving everything upwards.

You have to follow a facial workout map - each muscle is worked on for about one minute - 25 impluses, then there is a beeb to indicate that you should now move to the next muscle area.

The lymphatic programme works for people who have facial puffiness - the current stimulates the lymph system and helps the skin to detox.

Ultratone has gathered medical evidence to support the efficacy of its devices, many of which are used in rehabilitative medicine.

Kirstin tells me that you don't need to use Botox if you use the Facial Plus regularly - I will let you know how I get on with it.

The Ultratone Facial Plus costs £149.00 and can be purchasd by phone 44 (0)207 935 0631. More information is online at

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