Saturday, 5 September 2009


Two months ago I underwent a laser facial rejuvenation treatment with the new DEKA SmartXide Dot Laser.

This was not a treatment that I undertook lightly as lasers skin resurfacing is a very painful treatment and usually requires at weeks off work while the skin heals.

But the Harley Street Skin Clinic’s new generation machine, operated by the very skilled Dr Aamer Khan, achieves the same result without the downtime in less than a week.

In this treatment the skin is “pixilated” with the laser – but skin rejuvenation is just as good as the lasers which completely resurface the skin with the benefits of less pain and less downtime.

Although my skin was in relatively good condition but the sags and jowls were beginning and the overall appearance of my skin was deteriorating with my pores getting larger.

First of all Dr Khan examined the current state and condition of my skin using a machine which measures the underlying damage – I had quite a lot from the sun which was evident as masses of freckle-like blotches beneath the skin. He told me that the treatment would reduce the sun damage, shrink my pores and generally rejuvenate the collagen.

The surface of my skin was treated with a topical gel aesthetic and also several pain-killing injections before the laser treatment which lasted about an hour. It was painful – a bit like sun burn. But the worst was over by the next day. There was some swelling but no bleeding or weeping which you can get with the deeper lasers. And I didn't need to take the painkillers I had been given.

Day by day my skin improved with the redness fading by day three.

Its been two months now and my skin is looking better every day – the regeneration of the underlying collagen continues for several months, I am told. My skin is tighter and firmer around the jawline and the photo analysis shows that the underlying sun damage has been virtually eradicated and the pore size has shrunk by two thirds. Everything has lifted – even my sagging upper eyes.

But I let my friends be the judge. “Your skin looks amazing!" Is what they are saying.” I am so pleased that I could get this effect without surgery – my face is the same – just a lot younger.

Now all I need to do is get the body to go with the face!

Laser resurfacing at The Harley Street Skin Clinic costs from £1,200

Dr Aamer Khan at the Harley Street Skin Clinic, For nationwide availability of Deka SmartXide Dot contact: 0207 514 5104

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