Sunday, 28 June 2009


Medik8, is the brand name for a collection of innovative skin products created by UK scientist Elliot Isaacs.

Originally the range begin with several core products aimed at people with worrying skin conditions such as rosacea. But the range recently added some new serious anti-aging products with optimum concentrations of all the major ingredients proven to help skin rejuvenation, packed so that they do not loose their potency and at fairly decent prices compared to bother cosmeceuticals on the market.

Isaacs knows his skin/ingredient science in depth - he is a graduate of
The University of Leeds - Pharmacology and Physiology Department. With nearly 10 years experience in cosmeceutical formulation, he was recently honoured with the prestigious Grade A Membership of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Elliot has witnessed all the recent trends in anti-aging skincare including the rush for Retin-A® in his father's chemist shop when he was a small boy. This planted the seed early-on for developing a scientific skincare brand.

In the late 1990’s his sister began to develop a skin redness that would not go away. One skin cream she used appeared to contain the right anti-inflammatory actives but paradoxically seemed to be causing more irritation than it calmed. So he turned his own hand to making a product which turned out be and still is Medik* bestselling product Red Alert® in 2004.

The new range is available through expert doctor and other skin professionals but you can view online at the new website

We particularly like the new Vitamin C serums C-Tetra (3%) and CE Tetra (7%) for stimulating collagen. The serum sinks into the skin immediately, leaving it softer looking immediately...CE Tetra which is aimed the older lady or man costs £60 (30ml). This product is unique as no other company offers Terahexadecyl Ascorbate in serum form and at such concentrations.

Use with the Hyra 8 moisturiser £49 (50ml:

Other new products include a great ani-cellulite cream £34 (90ml)

Also new is the Retinal 40 Boost Concentrate - a highly concentratedserum which you add to the Hydra8 Moisturiser - £75 (5ml.

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