Sunday, 7 September 2008

PHOTONOVA SKIN REJUVENATION - the latest hot anti-ageing treatment in Harley Street

Two weeks ago I was invited to take part in a patient trial of Photonova, a non-invasive skin rejuvenation using infra-red light. So I go to the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic in London for the treatment.

The clinic is the first in the UK to have this Swedish technology. First of all I have another Salt-a-Peel dermabrasion to prepare my skin for the treatment. After a thorough cleanse salt particles are blasted across my skin to remove a surface layer of dead cells. Then I have a rejuvenating mask with alpha hydroxy acid which is helped into my skin with ultrasound. My skin feels wonderful. This is my second treatment so I know how great my skin will look afterwards. This treatment costs £90 and a course is recommended with top-ups every so often.

The treatment is carried out by the clinic's head aesthetician, Liz Hood, who is also going to carry out a Photonova treatment on my face.

First of all my face is covered in a thick clear gel - this allows the infra red to reach my skin without burning it. The infra red comes from the head of the device which is passed over my face a total of five times.

Each pass delivers a known quantity of infra-red heat energy into the tissue which heats the water inside the dermis and this stimulates the fibroblasts (the collagen-producing cells) responsible for keeping the skin young and supple. It also kick starts them into producing new collagen over the next few days and weeks.

Since the treatment I have had comments from a number of people on how young my skin looks. "You haven't got any wrinkles" they say! Liz, tells me I can expect further improvement over the coming weeks. I can see that my slightly sagging chin has lifted which always takes a few years off any ageing face!

This is a great treatment because you can do it over the lunchtime. It does hurt a little and there is some redness but in my case this went in the next hour. Well worth £500 if it lasts a year or so.

Liz loves treating her patients and is full of tips and advice. She wouldn't let me leave without a touch of mineral makeup - so I left glowing..

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