Saturday, 21 July 2007


I am lucky because my genetics mean I don't look as old as perhaps I should. I know that I cannot change my chronological age but I change my biological age.
You may be wondering why anyone would want to do this? My answer to that is that we are all living longer, mainly because of modern medicine, but we are not necessarily living a better quality of life.
The developed world is suffering from an epidemic of lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer's - mostly caused by eating too much of the wrong food and taking too little exercise. The cost of treating these self-induced illnesses is crippling public health systems.
Meanwhile health administrators question the value of treating the elderly. Is it worth it? There is no dignity for the elderly in the current socio-economic climate - not a week goes by without some horror story about an elderly person who died in a hospital corridor.
So it makes sense, as we age, for us to take control and keep ourselves as healthy as we possibly can. We can enjoy ourselves, our family, our friends and our life more if we are fit, agile and as happy as we can be. We can do this by adopting a positive lifestyle including a healthy diet and exercise, managing our life-work balance and stress.
My anti-ageing journey will take you to the world's top anti-ageing doctors and clinics. I will show you how you really can turn back the clock...

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mail said...


I hope you will include information that men in their reticence can talk about too!

Incidentally, congratulations on your achievement with Elixir.

David Meggitt